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You can find out everything you need to know about motorcycle radios, and motorcycle intercom systems right here!

Learn how intercom systems work in top brand name helmets. Motorcycle radios are really quite simple to use and we’ll show you how!

The most reviews on helmet radio brand names, like Maxon, Clarion, and more. Top information on the latest features, like voice activated motorcycle radios.

Keep reading if you want to know more about motorcycle intercom systems and motorcycle radios.

Motorcycle Communications

A handy accessory to a motorcycle or motocross helmet is a radio or intercom for easy communication with other riders.

Helmet intercoms are perfect for group travel, or for instructing beginner riders. Helmet radio communication will make the ride go a lot smoother.

Imagine the convenience of speaking directly with other riders while on the road!

Lightweight intercoms and radios can be built directly into your motorcycle helmet or attached separately.

Helmet kits can be installed on the inside of your helmet, coming complete with earphones, a microphone and a handle bar switch.

Many full faced motorcycle helmets already come with pre-installed radios, as the intercom trend is becoming "status quo" for the road.

Look for top name manufacturers like Honda, O'Neil, Bell, and Shoei motorcycle helmets that come intercom equipped.

Easy to Use

Motorcycle helmet radios and intercoms are simple and safe to use on the road. Designed for the most convenience, using helmet radios won’t distract you from your driving.

The technology is really quite easy to use – just push the handle bar switch to talk with other riders. You can communicate through the earphones and microphones pre-installed in your helmet.

To end the conversation, simply push the handle bar switch again.

Helmet intercoms and radios work much like a walkie-talkie. You will find 8 clear channels on a UHF frequency that has a range of approximately 2 miles.


With so many competing motorcycle helmet radio manufactures, you will find a wide range of fun and exciting features to play with.

For instance, now passengers can talk too. Multi-line intercoms allow your passengers to join in on the rider to rider communication.

Here’s a look at some more cool features for motorcycle helmet radio and intercoms:

  • Wind blocking headsets
  • Voice activation
  • Lockout codes
  • LCD display
  • Noise blocking headsets will provide you with clear communication at high speeds. Reduce feedback and interference with top quality helmet brands.

    Voice activated talk features are the latest technology in helmet intercoms. This great feature allows you to pay attention to your driving at all times.

    Lockout codes will ensure that you can talk freely without interference on several channels.

    Now you can take bike to bike communication a step further. LCD display monitors allow you to select from several channels and codes with visual cues.

    Lightweight and compact – an LCD transmission radio works as a communication device both on and off the road. Use headsets while driving or use it handheld for communication off the road.

    Check out our online buyers guide for motorcycle helmets, radios and intercoms, and over glasses motorcycle goggles.

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