Attention bikers! Find a quality motorcycle helmet bag for proper helmet care

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Learn all about helmet care with this great online resource. Tips on storage with a motorcycle helmet bag, cleaning, replacing your helmet and more.

Great reviews on how to use a motorcycle helmet bag to store your helmet. Womenís leather bags and police bags are perfect helmet care items.

Helmet care is an important step to ensure your safety on the road. Donít take a chance Ė use a motorcycle helmet bag for proper helmet care.

Keep reading for the most tips and suggestions on helmet care from top manufacturers like Honda, Bell, Schutt, HJC, Shoei, Dowco, Bieff and more.

Important Helmet Care Tips

Motorcycle and HJC full face helmets are not cheap items. In fact, a quality made helmet can be quite expensive if you donít know where to shop.

This means that you donít want to compromise on the care of your helmet.

More importantly, you donít want to risk your safety or the safety of your passengers. If motorcycle helmets arenít cared for properly it could have a large impact on the function of a helmet in the most important moments on the road.

Letís take a look at some of the important ways to care for your helmets:

  • Avoid cracking
  • Avoid chemicals
  • Use a helmet bag

Did you know that hair line cracks in your helmet or fits over glasses motorcycle goggles could be a potential risk to your safety?

Motorcycle helmets have been specially designed not to shatter on impact, as a way of protecting your cranium and vertebrae.

Even hair line cracks in your helmet could be a potential risk to your safety.

Smashing, dropping or scratching your helmet could ultimately put you at jeopardy in an accident situation. Take early precautions with a helmet bag.

Helmet bags are great for preventing kicks and dents to your motorcycle helmet. Look for quality materials like leather for strong and secure support, or microfibre for scratch free softness.

What some motorcycle riders donít realize is how damaging chemicals are to their helmets.

Glues, paints and household cleaners can warp the outer shell of the helmet. In fact, the thermoplastic polycarbonate composition can be radically altered by chemical cleaners.

So, before you add decals to your Nolan motorcycle helmets, read the important safety instructions from the manufacturer.

General Care Tips

Cleaning your helmet should be simple, right?

Remember what we said about chemicals Ė this goes for at home cleaning products as well.

Watch what you use to clean your helmet Ė avoid petroleum based products.

In general, cleaning the outer and inner components of your helmet can be done with mild soap and warm water. For instance, plain hand soap works well.

Remove the inner lining of your helmet, wash it by hand and let it air dry naturally. This is the best system for maintaining quality care of your helmet over time.

Another way to avoid accumulating sweat and dirt in your inner lining is to wear a cotton bandana under your helmet.


Look in your helmet manufacturerís booklet for the best storage advice. But in the meantime take a few sensible tips from us:

  • Avoid heat
  • Use helmet bag
  • Lay on flat surface

Gasoline, chemicals, exhaust fumes and heat, are all major things to avoid when storing your helmet. The inner lining of all motorcycle helmets will disintegrate easily next to any of these elements.

As we mentioned earlier, using a protective helmet bag will prevent many needless scratches and dents on your outer shell.

Last but not least, always store your helmet on a flat surface, like the ground, shelf or rack. Donít hang it from your bike as it could easily fall and crack.

Replacement Helmet

Check for the manufacturer date that is stamped on the chin strap, upon purchasing your motorcycle helmet.

This will give you an approximate idea of when you need to replace your helmet within a safe amount of time.

The general rule of thumb is to replace your helmet every 2-5 years. Of course, use your common sense based upon how much riding you do.

Donít avoid replacing your helmet because you want to save money. The protective outer shells slowly lose their effectiveness through wear and tear, and severe weather conditions.

Keep safety at the top of your priority list and replace damaged or old helmets immediately.

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