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Donít forget to protect your eyes from harsh weather conditions, with motorcycle helmet face shields and motorcycle goggles.

With this resource on motorcycle goggles and reviews, you can check out the latest features from Oakley, Camo, Panoptic, and more. Just look for motorcycle helmet face shields in our online buyers guide.

Now you can compare quality on ATV goggles, Shoei motorcycle helmet shields, motorcycle helmets HJC and RX motorcycle goggles with this handy online guide.

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Face Shields

Better face protection means longer rides down the coast, or on long, beautiful highways.

Face shields are designed specifically for safe motorcycle riding in extreme weather conditions, like rain, sleet, snow and sun.

There are several types of face shields available in a variety of color and sizes. For instance, simple snap on helmet shields, bubble peak helmet visors, Vari-Shield, or ShieldSak face shields.

Here are some of the quality features you should look for in a motorcycle face shield:

  • Two-toned
  • UV-treated
  • Double lens
  • Replaceable
  • Interchangeable
  • Optically correct

Double lens face shields provide the ultimate protection against nicks, scratches and harsh weather. A two-toned lens feature has a tinted mirror finish for daytime rides, as well as a clear, legal shield for nighttime riding.

Probably one of the most important features of a face shield is its UV-treated outer coating. For protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays, look for a face shield that has a built in sun visor that slides up and down.

For maximum safety on the road, itís important to replace your face shield every 2 years.

Look for face shields that come equipped with easy replacement features, like snap on helmets or easy screws.

A Vari-Shield is an interchangeable lens that slides up and down on a track. For fast, easy changes during your ride, the Vari-Sheild is a great idea.

Another serious consideration for motorcycle safety is purchasing an optically correct face shield for your helmet. This allows for greater visibility and less eye strain on the road.

To obtain better clarity, depth perception and contrast, check out visors and face shields that have a gradual tint.

Sizes & Tints

You can find cool face shields and goggles in many different tints for summer or winter rides.

Hereís a look at some of the hottest colors available now: clear, light smoke, silver mirror, blue mirror, chrome, black, white, and paintable visors.

Tinted visor face shields and goggles are a great way to cut glare from the sky in all kinds of weather conditions.

Face shields can be found in a few different sizes to suit your riding needs. For instance, 5Ĺ inch shields rest by your mouth, while 7 inch visors will come to the bottom of your chin.


Wearing goggles when racing or riding is so important to maintaining the safety of your eyes, especially when wearing motorcycle half helmets. Goggles don't have to be all serious though --check out these hot goggle styles and features:

  • Tinted
  • Soft case
  • Motocross
  • Interchangeable

High quality motorcycle goggles are crafted with interchangeable lenses to battle any weather or light condition.

Double lens designs are featured to resist breakage and high speed winds. Some quality features to look out for include triloid nylon frames, and insulated padding for a sealed fit.

As mentioned in the face shield section, UV treated face protection is important in the sun as well as the snow.

With harmful UV-rays active all year round, you canít afford to damage your eyes on your motorbike. Get smart and get UV-protection.

Avoid scratching your goggles, to keep top rate clarity and visibility on the road. A soft, fleece lined goggle case is more than a mere accessory, itís a necessity.

Bell motocross helmets and goggles differ in style to regular motorcycle goggles. These types generally cover a larger portion of the riderís face, to protect them from flying mud and debris.

Cool features of motocross goggles include double lenses for impact resistance, flexible polyurethane frames for a sealed fit, silicone padded straps, and micro-pore ventilation for fog removal.

Brand Names

Check out these great brand names in motorcycle goggles: SOS Ryder, SOS pipline, Harley Davidson, Speed, Freedom, Oakley, Spy, Smith, Wiley X, Bolle, Gargoyles, Stu Apte, Costa Del Mar, Action, and Aviator.

Donít forget to browse online for high quality face shields, including AFX, AGV, Answer, M-10, M-7, Bell Moto 4, Bell SL, HJC, KBC 300X, Bieffe Hi-Tech, AXO and Vigor OG, Bell Moto 7, MSR and O'Neal.

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