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ATV Riding

An all terrain vehicle (ATV) is distinguishable by 3-4 large, low pressure wheels that propel the vehicle forward.

The appeal of ATV riding lies in the rider's ability to ride on rough, off-road terrain that would otherwise be inaccessible.

The large, oversized tires of an ATV make it possible to ride in extreme weather conditions, like snow and sleet, without difficulty.

Back in the 1970ís, ATVs were used as utility vehicles for ranchers and farmers. Since that time, their popularity has increased, making ATV riding an extremely trendy racing sport.

Some vehicle types that you will find in all terrain racing, include 4x4 jeeps, hydra buggies, motocross bikes, and snowmobiles. Many styles of ATVís are unusual combinations of the best a vehicle has to offer Ė mainly, more power and drive!

There are several types of ATV sports that one can participate in, which include different styles of vehicles:

  • Ice racing
  • Motocross
  • Short track
  • Cross country
  • Tourist trophy

Short track racing utilizes large ATVís for dirt track racing. Itís quite simple compared to cross country racing, which has a long marked course over extremely rough and natural terrain.

Tourist trophy riding takes place on man made dirt tracks that have right and left hand turns, jumps and more. This is an exciting event to watch, as there are usually several small heats leading up to the main event.

Motocross racing takes place on more natural terrain with man made obstacles to show off a riderís skill and speed.

Warning Ė ice racing is not for beginners. This type of riding takes place on the ice and requires extreme skill.

You can find top quality AMA approved all terrain vehicles and gear from the following manufacturers: Yamaha, Kawasaki, Polaris, Arcticat, Suzuki, Bombardier, and Honda.

ATV Helmets

Why are all terrain helmets so important to a riderís safety?

Research shows that ATV accidents are on the rise in the United States, becoming a major cause of injury and death among young adults.

An alarming 40% of ATV injuries are occurring among youth 16 years of age and younger. This is mainly due to the fact that young adults are more irresponsible when it comes to wearing DOT approved crash helmets.

Itís important to educate our youth about the nature and reality of ATV riding. Setting a good example, means wearing a helmet at all times when operating or riding as a passenger on an ATV.

ATV discount motorcycle helmets can save your life, reducing the risk of brain injury and spinal cord damage by as much as 64%.

In fact, studies have shown that DOT approved helmets reduce the risk of death by 42%. Thatís definitely a reason to purchase a quality helmet for your teenager.

Be informed Ė check out the features of a good quality helmet:

  • Poly alloy shells
  • DOT approved
  • Padded liner
  • Youth-sized
  • Chin strap
  • Vents

Never purchase an ATV helmet without the DOT label on the back of the helmet. DOT has set the standard for safety when it comes to crash protection.

Find a lightweight outer shell made from thermoplastic poly alloy for the best construction. Not only will this make the helmet more comfortable, but itís designed not to shatter on impact in order to protect the riderís skull.

Getting the correct fit is one of the most important things to remember when purchasing an ATV or off road motorcycle goggles. Youth sizes are specially designed to fit snugly on a smaller head.

Forehead and chin vents will increase airflow into the helmet to prevent overheating and excess noise.

Another great feature to look out for is a hypo-allergenic liner made of nylon. Chin straps and chin bars are special features of the all terrain helmet. These features are quite necessary when it comes to ATV safety.

Once youíve gotten the serious business out of the way, donít forget to have some fun! Funky graphics and designs make ATV helmets a cool item on the track. Look for great colors in red, blue, green, orange, silver, metallic, black and more.

ATV Manufacturers

For top quality ATV helmets, check out these great online manufacturers: cheap HJC helmets, Fox Racing, MSR, JKC, OíNeil, Arai, Shoei, Grex, Cirus, Thor, Answer, KBC, Nolan, and more.

Here are some model ideas on top selling motorcycle helmets: SHOEI X-eleven, Z-11, RF-1000, RF-900, TZ-1, RJ-Air platinum, Synorotec, ST Cruz, HJC AC-11, CL-14, CS-12, Symax,A C-3, AC-2, FG-12, FG-23, FG-2, VEGA Altura full face, Daytona full face, Half Face Helmet XT, DOT Eagle, Vista Open Face, Pedestal Mount.

More models include KBC: Racer-1, Vision, VR-7, TK401, TK410, Wolf, TK-9,TK8, Nolan: N100E rapid stripes, classic plus, master, N-93 full face, X-lite, OGK: FF-3 GP, AGV: XR-2, V-Flyer, Flyer, Demon Top Vent, X-Vent, Bell: M-5 full face, Star11, Tourlite ultra open face, Half helmet, and Cyber: U-215, U-212, U-1,U-2.

Check out our online buyers guide for more great brand names, like Harley Davidson, Skid Lid, Vega, Bell, Shark, AGV, Daytona, Bikerís Choice, Astral, Cyber, Novelty, OGK, Suomy, Schuberth, Bieffe, AXO, M2R, and Motocross.

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