STOP! Is your motorcycle gear safe? Don't risk your life, read the DOT helmet laws

Helmet Laws

Is your motorcycle helmet safe? With our top reviews on DOT and the SNELL Foundation, you can find quick advice on meeting helmet safety standards.

The SNELL Foundation offers motorcycle helmet reviews for all types of helmets. This is a great way to find out what brands comply with international and national helmet safety standards and helmet laws.

Become a well informed consumer with this guide to top helmet safety standards from DOT and the SNELL Foundation.

Rules of the Road

Itís more than common sense to wear a motorcycle helmet, itís also the law.

Approved motorcycle helmets are safe for long rides in any kind of weather. Donít risk the your life or the lives of your passengers, double up on protection instead.

Hereís a look at some general rules of the road that are required by motorcycle laws in most states:

  • Crash helmet
  • Attached seat
  • Helmet approval
  • Limited passengers

In most areas of the United States, any person under 19 years of age is required to wear a helmet when operating a motorcycle or moped. All passengers must also comply with this law.

All motorcycle crash helmets, including novelty motorcycle helmets, have to be approved by the United States Department of Transportation. Find more information about this law below.

A motorcycle is designed to carry a limited number of passengers. Although most motorcycles are equipped to carry one extra person, larger bikes could possibly carry more.

At any rate, you are required by law to carry only the number of passengers your bike has been designed for and to ensure that all passengers wear a helmet, though Scott motorcycle goggles are not mandatory.

Read the next section for detailed information about national helmet approval.

Approved Helmets

Helmet laws have been created to maximize the safety of all motorcycle and bike riders and their passengers.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), fatal motorcycle crashes have risen 50% since the late 90ís. This has resulted in an approximate 3,181 crashes last year.

Itís for this reasons that strict helmet laws are now in place. Letís take a look at the organizations that have set the standards for helmet models:

  • DOT

The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) has researched helmet safety in conjunction with the National Highway Safety Administration.

From this research a set of standards and specifications for helmet production has been created. Manufacturers need to adhere to these standards or they cannot gain the DOT seal of approval on their helmets.

This DOT seal of approval is something to look for when shopping for motorcycle helmets, as not all helmets will have one.

DOT works in conjunction with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 218. This act covers helmet laws on the road, which we reviewed earlier.

Finally, the SNELL Foundation is a worldwide leader in helmet safety standards, offering motorcycle helmet reviews on their web site.

Look for the Label

Finding a DOT symbol on your helmet means that you have found the highest quality motorcycle helmet available.

Look for the label that will provide vital information, like manufacturer brand, model designation, size, date of manufacture and the DOT symbol.

The DOT label means that many safety precautions have been considered upon the manufacture of your motorcycle helmet. For instance, you will find 1 inch of polyfoam inner lining, a riveted chin strap, and limited protrusions on the outside of the helmet.

Donít forget to browse our online buyers guide for the best links to DOT approved motorcycle helmet manufacturers such as HJC Symax helmets.

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