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Full Face

Now you can find the most information on top selling full face motorcycle helmets.

It’s simple to browse online stores for Bell helmets, Shoei helmets and HJC helmets, with this great guide to full face motorcycle helmets.

Compare reviews on the brand name full face motorcycle helmets like, Syncrotec, Oryon, Octane, Symax, Kato, Harley, Davidson, Giro, Kawasaki, and more.

Keep reading for great advice and tips on full face motorcycle helmets and full face shields.

Full Face Helmet Features

Modern full face custom motorcycle helmets are made with top design technology for a smooth, light ride. In fact, a full face helmet should feel so natural, you’ll forget you’re wearing one.

Let’s look at the many benefits and features of a full face motorcycle helmet:

  • Lightweight
  • Aerodynamic
  • ISO headform
  • Poly alloy shell
  • Flow ventilation

In general, a lightweight helmet will reduce neck and shoulder strain, and offer an aerodynamic and ISO headform, especially important in custom painted motocross helmets.

Aerodynamic helmets are standard form for all quality full face gear. The theory behind aerodynamics revolves around air tunnel research.

Motorbike helmets that are aerodynamically crafted, offer less resistance in top air speeds. The advantage lies in the ability to ride faster, stronger and longer, without any damage to a rider’s neck or shoulders.

ISO technology fits right in with the aerodynamically crafted shell, creating a form fitting, secure interior to the helmet.

The shell of your full face helmet is an important safety feature, as it will prevent rocks and flying debris from damaging your skull. More importantly, prescription motorcycle goggles and the shell of your helmet could save your life if you’re in an accident.

An outer shell designed with thermoplastic poly alloy is an ideal make. Look for more features including chin straps, large eyeports for visibility, hypoallergenic nylon interior, and removable liner pads for comfort and reduced wind noise.

The single feature that sets the helmet quality standard, is the flow ventilation system. A cool airflow will keep you from overheating on hot days and ultimately reduces wind noise.

Quality airflow features include front and side vortex vents, lower back exhaust vents, and built-in neck roll exhaust vents.

Full Face Shields

Adjustable vents take fresh air into the helmet and circulate it to create a low pressure vacuum. This is an integral part of maintaining a safe and moisture free face shield.

Full face shields are an important safety feature on all full face motorcycle helmets, but you need to make sure they are equipped with an anti-fog system.

Here are some more major safety features of full face shields:

  • Anti-fog
  • UV-treated
  • Hard coated
  • Optically correct

Easy to remove face shields should come with a shield locking system so there are no surprises on the road. You may want to look into simple screw on shields as an extra safety measure.

Reduce wind noise and protect your eyes from flying rocks with full face motorcycle helmets and scratch resistant face shields.

Manufacturers & Models

This great online guide has a wealth of information on all kinds of full face helmet manufacturers and top selling models.

For instance, check out Daijiro, Shoei, Arai, HJC, Nolan, KBC, Suomy, Vega, Biker’s Choice, AFX, AGV, Bell, Bieffe, Grex, M2R, Z12, and Thor.

You can find some of the top selling models with graphic designs or solid colors like: black, yellow, light silver, white, red, royal blue, and black metallic.

Here’s a look at competing model designs in sizes XXS –XXXL: Shoei X Spirit, Shoei X-11, SHOEI RF-1000, SHOEI Z-II , SHOEI TZ-1, HJC AC-11, HJC CL-14, HJC CS-12, HJC CS-AIR, HJC CS-10 , NOLAN N60, NOLAN X-LITE, KBC Racer, KBD VR-1, KBC Wolf, KBC TK-9, KBC Vision, and KBC Tk-8.

Also, take a look at Suomy Spec R 1, Vega Monterey XKS, Vega Datana XPV, Vega Ultura XPV, Icon Alliance, Icon Mainframe, Norick5 TC-1, Ltd Edition Daijiro, Ukawa2 TC-1, Ukawa2 TC-2, Ukawa2 TC-5, and Porto TC-1.

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