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Open Face Helmets

Open face and motorcycle half helmets are popular on the road today. Their cool look and light fit make them an ideal choice for summer riding.

There are many advantages to the lightweight fit of an open face and half helmet style, including a peak visor, thick rubber edge and adjustable forehead venting.

However, there are definite disadvantages to these styles of helmets, including a higher risk of injury. This article will explore the pros and cons of open face and half helmets.

Letís start by looking at the many types of open face helmet styles:

  • Half
  • Open
  • Shorty
  • Beanie
  • Skid lid

Open face motorcycle helmets are also known as three quarter helmets, and encompass many variations and styles, including those mentioned above.

Most open face helmets will protect your ears, as well as your skull from brow to base. It should be noted, however, that these types of helmets donít protect your chin

Open face helmets have been DOT approved, which maintains that they will provide a safe ride on the road.

The half helmet style varies slightly from the open face helmet. It also covers the entire skull from brow bone to base, but does not have ear protection. Its benefits lie in a lightweight formed fit, small visor and quick release straps.

Although there are some types of half helmets that are DOT approved, most are not, due to the exposure of the face, chin and sides of the head. You can imagine that this helmet wouldn't save your life in a serious accident.

If your motorcycle is equipped with a windshield and you're just going a short distance, the half helmets like beanies, skid lids, and shorty helmets can be a stylish way to ride.

The beanie, skid lid and shorty motorcycle helmet are really novelty helmets that look cool but provide little protection on the road. They look like a small cap with a chin strap and nothing else. Find them in cool designs and colors in our online buyers guide.

So, when shopping for a quality protective helmet, keep a couple of things in mind. Look for lightweight and aerodynamic construction, molded thermoplastic alloy shell, good ventilation system, and the DOT stamp of approval.

Protect Your Eyes

Itís never wise to ride without adequate eye protection, especially if you own an open face or half helmet. If your motorcycle doesnít have a full faring, you will definitely need to protect your eyes with a face shield or european motorcycle goggles.

One option is to wear UV-treated goggles on the road, although you can often improve the safety of a half helmet with a snap on face shield.

Using a detachable visor on your open face helmet will protect you from extreme weather conditions, as well as flying dirt and debris.

If your motorbike has a full faring, it will help to protect you against wind and dirt. However, donít let a faring fool you into thinking youíre completely protected. Please look into getting protective goggles or visors.

Here are a few tips on caring for your visor: replace old, scratched visors for better vision, and always treat them regularly with anti-fog solutions.

For more information on protective goggles and visors visit our online buyers guide and the shield and goggle page of this site.

Brand Names

There are many brand name open face and half helmets for sale on the Internet.

Let us help you with your search by directing you to some quality manufacturer names, like Hjc motor cycle helmets, Arai motorcycle helmets, Shoei, Gutter, Nolan, Bieffe, Agv, Fulmer, Vega, Giro, German, Atv, Suomy, Simpson, Snell, Schutt, M2r, and Harley Davidson.

Find great looking and safe styles from the DOT series, like caliber, THH, X Speed and more.

For more cool motorcycle helmets, check out Bell, Daytona, OíNeil, Bikerís Choice, Icon, Honda and Yamaha. Visit our buyers guide for links to great manufacturers.

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