Sportvue Motorcycle Helmets

Sportvue Motorcycle Helmets – A Metamorphosis In Motorcycle Safety

Helmets are, unfortunately, a precaution often overlooked by motorcycle riders. There are many motorcycle helmet options in the market today, but some motorcycle riders lay more emphasis on cool designs rather than functionality in terms of safety. The Sportvue motorcycle helmet gives the rider a unique blend of style with the highest of safety standards. The Sportvue motorcycle helmets are one-up on other motorcycle helmets available in the market today, by virtue of its advanced technology combined with a multitude of user comfort attributes.

The Seattle-based Motion Research Corporation spearheads the drive in the developmental technology for the production of protective helmets for motorcycles, as well as for other motion sports. The Sportvue motorcycle helmet is an combination of slick craftsmanship and technical expertise. This lightweight helmet ensures comfort for the rider. This motorcycle helmet has the added feature of visor-mounted heads-up display unit driven by a compact GPS transceiver which allows the motorcycle rider to see an instantaneous display of critical data as it is projected into the field of vision. This display unit of the Sportvue helmet projects real-time readouts of the speedometer and tachometer on the inside of the visor and gives the motorcycle rider more time to focus on the road.

The patented technology for this exciting state-of-the art Sportvue helmet was developed in the Seattle area with technology assistance from the University of Washington’s Human Interface Technology Lab. The evolution of this Sportvue helmet represents an exhilarating step in motorcycles’ and auto sports’ safety, with the Sportvue helmet representing the first truly usable and affordable technological helmet.

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