Motorcycle Helmet Safety

Motorcycle Helmet Safety – An Earnest Attempt Of The Company To Provide Safety

Charles Owen & Co. one of the leading international helmets manufacturer was an official rider helmet of the Hampton Classic Show in 2004. The company has earned much fame in motorcycle helmet safety. These helmets are not only attractive; they are also quite safe. Now the company has launched a new model called GR8 helmet that has been chosen by motorcycle riders all over the US. These motorcycle helmets are manufactured, and tested to meet performance standards to provide full safety. A lightweight helmet gives more protection to your head.

The company has made a mark in motorcycle helmet safety. Now as a corporate sponsor Charles Owen in partnership with Hampton Classic promotes rider’s safety in many social and motorcycle sporting events. Hampton Classic is a large organization with over 30 years of experience. It has now come up with a weeklong program of excellent equestrian competition from Sunday 29th August to Sunday 5th September with full range of exciting safety gadgets.

There will be a unique Hampton Classic Welcome bags for motorcycle riders and Grand Prix VIP patrons from Charles Owen & Co. The successful candidate will receive awards from Roy Burek, President of Charles Owen & Co. There will be retailer stall on accessories like helmets, racing suit, goggles, gloves, etc. At ‘Brennans’ stall the company president Mr. Burek will advise the customers on helmet choices and fitting options. Most of the star motorcycle riders like Anne Kursinski, Laura Kraut, Joe Fargis and Lauren Hough prefer to use Charles Owen high quality helmets. They know that these helmets are safe, durable and tough in any condition. Motorcycle rider’s safety is the primary motto of the company. Based upon this, it manufactures excellent helmets for motorcycle lovers. You can purchase the helmets of this company without any hesitation. Using a full-face helmet is the best way to save your head and face.

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