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Motorcycle Helmet Intercoms Rider to Rider

The motorcycle intercom is a compact driver and passenger intercom that allows simultaneous two-way conversation. The MotoComm AudioBoss AB-1m is the most complete and affordable intercom and audio system available for the driver and passenger of a motorcycle or power sport vehicle. Motorcycle helmet intercoms are especially designed for people who need to communicate while wearing full or open-faced helmets.

This motorcycle helmet intercom provides both the motorcycle driver and the passenger with a full-duplex intercom with built-in FM radio, 2 universal headsets that work in both full-face and open-face helmets, 2 push-to-talk switches, and all necessary cables and adapters to provide the perfect communications and audio system.

This wonder intercom allows the rider of a motorcycle or any power sport vehicle to have the type of communications and audio system that is usually available only to the high end touring motorcycles.

The main unit of this intercom helmet is approximately the size of a pack of cards. The driver and passenger helmet headsets feature 2 ultra thin speakers and a universal microphone system that mounts in either full-face or open-face helmets, making scope for effective communication and audio system for your motorcycle. The AudioBoss AB-1m motor cycle helmet comes with two weatherproof push-to-talk switches so that both driver and passenger can independently control a 2-way radio for motorcycle-to-motorcycle communications.

With the AudioBoss motorcycle helmet, the rider can use a wireless phone, 2-way radio, radar detector, and external music source. This unique helmet with intercom, features an intelligent priority circuit that automatically mutes and mixes the audio signals for hands free operation.

This motorcycle helmet from MotoComm is the most affordable and complete communication and audio system for both motorcycle and power sport use. Smart helmet shoppers looking for the ultimate in helmets, will make the right decision by selecting this helmet cum intercom system.

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