Motorcycle Helmet Usage

Motorcycle Helmet Usage A Safety Syndrome For Motorcycle Riders

In case of motorcycle usage, one has to be very careful and alert. Keeping this in mind, the United States so far has worked with groups across nations to exchange global best traffic and vehicle safety norms and their usages. This they have done to minimise the life risks of both resident and non-resident Americans who ride motorcycles. Besides, this enables the US Govt. to learn about safer ways of motorcycle riding in other countries. As a result, promoting motorcycle helmet usage is also included to ensure the safety of those on motorcycles by enlightening them to helmet facts.

A recent press release criticised the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on their attempt to avail a U.N. technical working group to force American motorcycle riders to wear helmets. Issued by the Motorcycle Riders Foundation on September 26, 2003, the press release from these motorcycle riders contains inaccuracies.

The NHTSA's main goal is to protect motorcycle riders, while making riding enjoyable. The NHTSA motorcycle safety programs maintain a rational outlook by using scientific evidences and motorcycle crash records and give information based on new research. This encompasses helmet education for every motorcycle rider. They also provide tips on proper helmet usage and recommendations that would heighten the pleasures of motorcycle rides. Universal helmet laws on Road Safety were enforced on motorcycle riders by 03NR33 through the working party 1. They say that they hold the power to make the laws compulsory for motorcycle riders.

The only option that motorcycle riders who are against the bill have right now is to set the records straight and revise the 9/26 press releases. The motorcycle riders from MRF must also report accurately on this important international motorbike helmet safety effort to get the story right.

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