Motorcycle Helmet Goggles

Motorcycle Helmet Goggles – Storming Towards Victory

The increased demands from motorcycle riders brought forth the motorcycle helmet goggles from Panoptx. They has enabled visual freedom like never before. These motorcycle helmet goggles can withstand maximum environmental hazards, which constantly challenge motorcycle riding. It delivers the required comfort without compromising vision. With all the positive aspects of goggles and eyewear put together, the Venturi Adjustable Temple goggles from the Windless Eyewear range is soon to take the motorbike riders’ world by storm.

With new adjustable straight temples, these goggles for motorcycle riders provides a secured fit on a wider basis. The built-in Megol grippers on the temple ends provide a strong yet comfortable grip and guarantees visual comfort even at extreme speeds. The other key feature of the goggles is the patented adjustable venting (to regulate airflow) that is at par with the eyewear manufactured by Ocular Surround System. The total eyecup protection of this eyewear saves the eyes of the motorbike riders from the wind.

The Venturi AT eyewear fits comfortably even with a helmet, and promotes enhanced visibility in the forward lean position. An added advantage for ATV, sport motorbikes and street motorcycles is the revolutionary wind management system of the eyewear. It suits the Panoptx heritage completely. The other features to complement the Panoptx Windless Eyewear lineage are the eyewear’s ergonomic temple shape and forward fit. These eyewears are primarily available in frame colors Matte Black (metallic) and new Bruiser (blue).

The new goggles are currently available with authorized motorcycle dealers, eyewear shops, ski and sport outlets, as well as online at

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