Motorcycle Helmet Failures

Motorcycle Helmet Failures A Serious Problem For Motorcycle Riders

Choosing a good quality motorbike helmet is an important deal. This is because helmets protect your head, which is the most sensitive part of your body. If the helmets are of poor quality, it may result in various casualties. There are cases where motorcycle helmet failures cause great difficulties to the motorcycle riders. The market is full of duplicate and low-standard helmets with many faults. However, due to their low price and attractive designs, people are using these helmets.

Both Christopher Symons and James Hemphill have been involved in a low-speed collision. Both of them were wearing a motorcycle helmet, but suffered severe brain injury. Ironically, they were wearing the same Canadian company's motorcycle helmet. Mr. Mikal Watts, of Watts Law Firm declares that investigations show that these were actually identical helmets. They have been made by the same company and sold under different brand names and model numbers.

Both people filed separate lawsuits in court against the Canadian helmet company. They alleged that there were numerous defects in their identical helmets that failed to provide safety. It was proved that the outer shells of the helmets were improperly modeled and caused it to rupture. The test showed that the helmets lacked the proper stiffness and were too thin. This made them prone to fracture and incapable to resist pressure.

The manufacturer was aware of the defects in the helmet long before the accidents occurred. Based on helmet laws, U.S. government research shows that good quality tested motorcycle helmets prevent damage of head during motorcycle accidents, though only if the helmets are of a good quality. Spend the extra money on a good motorcycle helmet.

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