Lead-dog Helmet Light

Lead-dog Helmet Light – Brightening Prospects In Beam Lights

After 3 years and 8 months the Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office managed to hand out the patent to Helmet Light Inc. for the original known as the lead-dog helmet light which can be mounted anywhere. All of these lights are designed to be mounted on all sorts of helmets. They can be taken-off and changed according to the purpose of the user.

Though it took a long time for the patent to come, it proved the lead-dog helmet lights to be unique in illumination systems. The demand for increased safety-related light has been fully satisfied for people engaged in outdoor activities.

Helmet Light Inc. began its journey from Anchorage, Alaska, with a vision to design and develop the auxiliary helmet light for increased visibility. The 8-ounce wonder-lights can be accommodated in a jacket pocket and flaunt a VELCRO mounting system too. Within a minimum amount of time, the lamp can be installed to meet the needs of every four-wheeler, motorcycle, or snowmobile.

Powered by any 12V battery system, the light has become immensely popular among the masses. It is able to withstand the tests imposed by its users. The provision of a taillight and a brake light on the helmet is a huge improvement as they can be easily noticed by riders coming from far off distance. The Seven-time Iron Dog winner John Faeo praises the Helmet lights by saying “The helmet light works like a champ at night in Alaska. The position of this helmet light from Lead-Dog provides that extra illumination that snowmobile drivers need to be safest when riding in the extreme Alaskan conditions at night."

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