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The most important piece of motorcycle safety equipment that you can buy is a motorcycle helmet. The first thing that people look for while purchasing a motorcycle helmet is the looks. Unfortunately, this is not the correct way to choose a helmet. Helmets have safety ratings based on protection providing capacity during an accident, and in order to choose a helmet that offers the best protection without sacrificing comfort or style, it is important to use DOT motorcycle helmets.

A DOT motorcycle helmet is a helmet that conforms to the set of guidelines outlined by the Department of Transportation with respect to helmets. The DOT standards of approval provide motorcycle riders with some guidelines on how to pick a helmet. These standards are outlined in the Code of Federal Regulations establishing the minimum performance requirements for motorcycle helmets, designed for use by motorcyclists and off-road users.

Helmets that are not DOT approved are not legal to ride in some states. DOT approved means that the helmet will withstand an impact and protect your head if you should have an accident. A sticker indicating that the motorcycle helmet meets standards must be worn on the helmet as well. Many motorcycle riders do not like helmets, and because of this there are numerous instances of motorcycles getting involved in collisions, with the riders being seriously injured and even dying because of not wearing a helmet conforming to these stipulated standards of protection.

Wearing a helmet that is DOT approved could save your life.

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