Dot Approved Motorcycle Helmets

DOT Approved Motorcycle Helmets – Initiating Style And Safety

MotoAuthentics, based in the Detroit area have distributors of motorcycle accessories. They are experts in motorcycles and in European products since 2003. They were also a division of International Products and Services Co., LLC and have tied-up recently with CMS Helmet of Anadia, Portugal. Anadia is into exporting motorcycle helmets to eighteen major countries around the world since 1988. The CMS brand DOT approved motorcycle helmets are to be introduced to the North American Dealers at the annual International Powersports Dealer Expo Trade Show.

This DOT approved motorcycle helmet came from from CMS, Anadia, Portugal. This helmet has made a fresh arrival to the US market, with a range of ten models approved for motorcycle and ATV riding by the department of transportation and ECE 22.05. Made from carbon/Kevlar fiber and polycarbonate material, these DOT approved helmets are highly recommended for on-road and off-road motorcycles. The MotoAuthentics’ exclusive product line of motorcycle parts and accessories is available through their official website.

The DOT approved helmet from the product line of CMS headgears introduces seven different helmet models for street motorcycles. It also introduces three helmet models for ATV and cross-country motorcycle riders.

The new offerings from CMS headgears include the GP5 F (for street purposes) and CR5 F (for off-road riding). They happen to be unique combinations of the European style, with a high quality fit and finish. Since a product must have a pleasing appearance, the DOT approved motorcycle helmets also come in a wide range of colors with accompanying graphics.

The DOT approved CMS headgear is an outstanding brand for the North American market. It has always tried to manufacture hi-value products. The Department of Transportation (DOT) has made it mandatory for motorcycle riders to wear helmets while riding a motorcycle in certain states. For this reason, the motorcycles helmets by CMS are going to rule the market in the coming years.

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