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CMS Motorcycle Helmets – Outstanding Brand

CMS Helmet of Anadia, Portugal, founded in 1988, exports motorcycle helmets to 18 countries around the world. MotoAuthentics, a Detroit, MI area motorcycle helmets’ and other accessories’ distributor offers the CMS Helmet product line to enthusiastic bike riders. These CMS motorcycle helmets come with the quality and style of the high-end helmets at an affordable price, making them one of the most wanted brands on the motorcycle circuit today.

The CMS motorcycle helmet is unique with its European style and high quality finish. These helmets are known to fit onto your head with an outstanding level of comfort. The CMS helmets are available in carbon/Kevlar fiber and polycarbonate construction materials. The most appealing aspect of the CMS Helmets’ product line are the vibrant helmets colors and interesting patterns on all of the models, with each helmet model having its own interesting selection. CMS motorcycles newest helmet offerings are The GP5 F helmets for street and CR5 F helmets for off-road segments. These helmets are made of carbon/Kevlar fiber and other advanced materials.

MotoAuthentics offers ten models of DOT and ECE 22.05 approved motorcycle and ATV helmets. This helmet product line consists of seven models for motorcycles three models for All-Terrain-Vehicles and motocross riders. These helmets from CMS give a first-rate protection to your head and they are known in the North American market for their outstanding performance – the overall fit and finish are outstanding as expected from a head protection device.

CMS Helmet of Portugal is new in the US market. The recipe of success for this motorcycles helmet product line in the market today is the manufacturer’s sharp focus on quality and comfort. The use of the most modern helmet manufacturing equipments available enables them to turn out a smart, stylish and complete range of helmets that can be sold worldwide.

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