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Asian Motorcycle Helmets The Orient For Safety

The World Health Organization estimated that by 2020 A.D., road accidents would be the prime cause of premature death in the world. Asia Injury Prevention Foundation has initiated the world's first non-profit Asian motorbikes helmets factory. It has done so to save countless children from dying due to road accidents.

This Asian organization has succeeded in developing a helmet suitable for the tropical conditions, and is currently producing around 5000 motorcycles headgears a week. Under the name of Protec, Asia Injury is the only Asian motorcycle helmet manufacturing company from Vietnam.

It currently produces motorcycle helmets that suffice the international demands to meet the standard certifications. Certified internationally, these motorbike helmets are highly impact resistant, though light and comfortable enough for the Vietnamese climate. Complete with ventilation measures and a sun-visor, it does not block vision or hearing the way other motorcycle helmets available in Far East does.

The "Helmets for Kids" initiative in Vietnam is currently operated by the Asia Injury Prevention Foundation. They donated 50.000 motorcycle helmets to minors through its corporate adopt-a-school program. They are also supportive about the advertising campaigns that encourage proper use of motorcycle helmets. The motorcycle helmet manufacturer also executes a few motorcycles educational and advocacy programs. These run with the help of all excess revenues generated from the motorcycles headgear sales.

According to Greig Craft (President, Asia Injury Prevention), road safety cannot be implemented if there is a lack of appropriate wearable helmets. The good news is that these Asian helmets are able to meet these criteria.

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