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Approved ATV Helmets Sanctified Safety

It is possible to compensate financial loss but physical injuries are often irrevocable. This is the reason why the Accident Compensation Corporation and OSH insist on the usage of approved ATV helmets. This has been done in accordance with the authorized safety standards, developed as per the recommendations of many different expert technical and farming representatives. The NZS 8600:2002, funded by ACC, for driving an all terrain vehicle meet these standards. These ATV helmets allow un-interrupted vision and auditory performances, and the helmet most effective measure to minimize injuries related to ATV accidents.

It took some time before the approved all terrain vehicle helmets could be made available, and OSH was blamed for the delay. The organisation was involved with the development of the safety standards for all terrain vehicle helmets. It was claimed that the standard of the ATV headgear is equivalent to that of the normal safety helmet. However, both the companies jointly stated that the accusation was untrue.

The new ATV helmets by Pacific Helmets (Wanganui/Ferrentino Manufacturing in Waihi) fulfil the new criterion. However, the distribution of these safety helmets is a bit of a problem because there are only two ATV manufacturers. This problem shall soon be sorted out since the ATV headgear manufacturers are contributing to the standard networks. They are doing this through ATV and motorcycle dealers countrywide in the coming weeks. Those who are impatient can approach the ATV helmet manufacturers directly for their choice of ATV helmets.

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