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Audio System for Motorcycle and Powersport Riders

MotoComm introduces an affordable intercom, communications and audio system for riders of street and off-road motorcycles, ATVs, and snowmobiles the AudioBoss AB-1m.

The AudioBoss AB-1m provides both motorcycle driver and passenger with a full-duplex intercom, built-in FM radio, inputs for a wireless phone, 2-way radio, auxiliary music source, and radar detector - and includes 2 universal helmet headsets and push-to-talk switches.

The AudioBoss AB-1m allows the rider of any powersport vehicle to have the type of communications and audio system that is usually available only to the high end touring motorcycles.

The AudioBoss AB-1m main unit is approximately the size of a deck of cards and operates off of 2 AA batteries. Generous cable lengths and a modular construction make the do-it-yourself installation and use of the AudioBoss AB-1m quick and easy.

The included driver and passenger helmet headsets feature 2 ultrathin speakers and a universal microphone system that mounts in either full-face or open-face (3/4) helmets. The AudioBoss AB-1m comes with two weatherproof push-to-talk switches so both driver and passenger can independently control a 2-way radio for bike-to-bike communications.

The AudioBoss AB-1m has inputs for a wireless phone, 2-way radio, portable music device cassette, and radar detector. An audio priority circuit automatically mutes and mixes the various audio signals for a handsfree operation of the attached accessories. The MotoComm AudioBoss AB-1m is the most affordable and complete communications / audio system for motorcycle and powersport use.

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