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Mace full-face helmets pushed the envelope in terms of fit, performance and affordability

With the development of North Shore style stunts and mountain bike parks, protecting your noggin with a proper helmet is more important than ever. For 2004, Mace is throwing down incredible value for function and looks with its line of 3 full-face helmets and 2 DJ lids—Carbon Foil, Foil, Hammer, Trigger and C4 helmets.

Mace full-face helmets pushed the envelope in terms of fit, performance and affordability in 2003. This year’s addition of the all new Carbon Foil and Foil raise the bar even higher. The Carbon Foil features a carbon outer shell for the ultimate in lightweight protection, an Extraight EPS liner for maximum security and 360 degree vents for incredible comfort.

Combine these features with a washable/changeable inner mesh padding, a 2-point attachment replaceable visor and an extra wide opening for maximum visibility and you’ve got a killer lid that delivers unparalleled performance and protection. At only $300 CDN retail you can’t say no to unbeatable protection and comfort. The Carbon Foil comes in black carbon only and fits sizes small to large.

Find the same level of comfort and quality in the all-new Foil Helmet. It offers all the same great features of the Carbon Foil Helmet, but comes in an outer shell of hand-laid fiberglass. The Foil Helmet is available for $170 CDN retail, comes in the colour slate or black and fits sizes small to large.

You can’t touch the incredible value of this year’s Hammer Helmet. It comes with many of the same awesome features of the Foil helmet series, like a hand-laid fiberglass outer shell, an Extraight

EPS liner and 360 degrees of vents to help keep you cool. At only $140 CDN retail, this baby is unmatched for awesome value.

If you’re looking for a bmx or DJ style lid, then try the all-new Trigger Helmet, or the proven C4 Helmet. At $34 CDN retail, the Trigger is the ideal combination of quality and performance.

You get a sharp looking sculpted shell with external vents for maximum cooling, ABS hard-shell construction and energy absorbing EPS liner cushions to absorb impacts. The Trigger Helmet is totally styling in either slate or black colours and fits sizes small to large.

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