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Development of LAS cycling helmets in the United States

Since 1974, Bergamo-based LAS Helmets srl has been manufacturing shells for various sport disciplines, but it was only recent that the Italian manufacturer entered the market for cycle sport. In a few short years, the company has established itself as a helmet of choice among the European gruppo; last Sunday’s Paris-Roubaix saw two LAS-proptected riders finish on the podium.

For the US road cycle market, LAS offers four models including Haxial, Kripton, Astrom and Compact. Haxial is the top-line LAS shell and the official supplier of the Alessio, De Nardi, Illes Baleasrs-Banesto and Mr. Bookmaker cycle teams. The excitement for Haxial comes from its Pina Ferrara-styled aluminum dam that in addition to increasing protection in the event of crash, functions as an aerodynamic ventilator.

We consider LAS one of the more technically-advanced shells on the market, says Rocco Marzilio, Principal of gruppo sportif srl. LAS has created a patented fitting system called Velox Size System. This state-of-the-art design affords the cyclist infinitely-adjustable size options form 51 to 62 centimeters European all in a single shell.

The design concept for Velox is beautiful from a market and end-user perspective, Marzilio states. The unica (one-size) system takes the guesswork out of proper fitting when purchasing online. And the independent specialty retailer has lower carrying costs with LAS for the Owner and/or Buyer does not have to stock multiple size combinations of the same helmet.

The 23-vent Haxial includes a coolmax and drilex padding system that is completely removable for washing; the padded nylon chinstrap is also washable. And do not let the aluminum dam deter you; with ventilator Haxial is one of the lightest shells on the market at 260 grams.

LAS helmets are currently available for purchase online at, and the company is looking forward to developing further the cycle market for these exciting shells. Haxial is offered in four colors including azzurra, gold, red and silver; the aluminum ventilator can be customized to provide that important finishing touch to your professional cycle kit.

Gruppo sportif srl also announces for special order the LAS Crono Omologato and Crono Professional. While considered UCI approved for those important races against the clock, Omologato and Professional are not an approved shell by USA Cycling. Crono Omologato and Crono Professional are available in blue, carbon, and red finishes; Omologato is also available in white.

LAS helmets meet or exceed the Safety Equipment Institute standards in America, INSPEC in Great Britian and CSI in Italia.

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