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Important Notice For FX-3 Helmet Owners

AFX officials have determined that some FX-3 helmets produced prior to April 2002 may have shipped with a manufacturing-related deficiency that could impact upon the helmet's ability to protect a rider during an accident.

Although a thorough internal investigation determined that only a very small percentage of FX-3s shipped with this problem, AFX has voluntarily chosen to launch a recall of all FX-3 helmets produced prior to April 2002, in accordance with the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act, and with the protection of their customers in mind.

Beginning in April, AFX will be launching an exchange program where FX-3 owners can return their helmets and receive their choice of any 2004 AFX FX-3 helmet in return - at no further cost.

Participants in the program will be able to choose any available FX-3 helmet size (XS to XXL) or color - this includes Freedom, POW-MIA and Karbon-style FX-3 helmets, which are generally more expensive. The 2004 model helmet sent as a replacement features an all-new design.

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