MCI urges motorcyclists to improve safety on the roads

The MCI recommends that motorcyclists make practical New Year resolutions that will enable them to become more competent and safer riders.

In 2002/2003, 70,405 people passed their motorcycle test and the active UK rider population is around 1.5 million. As motorcycles are increasingly playing an important role in reducing congestion and people are recognising that journey times can be reduced by using a powered two wheeler it is important that riders take personal responsibility for the safety of themselves and others.

The New Year is the ideal time to commit to taking the necessary steps to ensure that their bike, riding skills and equipment is of a high standard and the MCI suggests making one or more of the following New Year’s resolutions;

Update your skills. All riders can benefit from brushing up their riding skills, but it is important to choose training that will help you develop new skills. Identify the areas of riding you need to improve on before you choose your course. For example, if you’re nervous about the bike sliding around you could benefit from a day off-road.

Find out more about BikeSafe. BikeSafe is an initiative offering assessments, run by Police Forces around the United Kingdom. They work with the whole of the biking world to help to lower the number of motorcycle rider casualties and improve standards of riding and help improve a person’s riding ability and confidence, so they can get even more enjoyment from riding a motorcycle.

Take part in a rider workshop, buy the video or visit them at an event. More information about local activities and events can be found on the website Check protective clothing. A helmet and protective clothing can save a life, so check helmets for any damage and if necessary replace it and repair or replace any damaged items. Make sure that protective clothing and helmets carry the CE mark, which is a guarantee that it has met the requirements of the latest safety legislation. It is also essential that clothing and helmets fit properly and are comfortable to wear.

Samantha Tyson-Evans, Press and PR Officer said, “ Improving safety for motorcyclists and all road users is a key driving force behind the MCI’s activities. Updating skills is one practical method motorcyclists can use to improve their skills, ride with more confidence and at the same time enable them to get more pleasure from their riding experience.”

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