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First Choice Armor brings first Ballistic Resistant Thermal Imaging

The Pit Viper, a revolutionary hands-free ballistic resistant thermal imaging system, is now available to the law enforcement and military communities thanks to international body armor manufacturer, First Choice Armor. As of October 28, First Choice owns this technology's patent.

"We have an exclusive agreement with Exigence, Inc. for sole manufacturing rights to this system," announced Karen Herman, President of First Choice Armor. "This technology is going to be monumental for the protective equipment industry and we are proud to be pioneering it."

The thermal imaging system, optimized for search and rescue and security use, allows the wearer to see through smoke and complete darkness to detect human activity by sensing heat. First Choice has taken this imaging technology and integrated it with one of their ballistic resistant helmets to produce the Pit Viper.

With the viewing technology built into the top of the helmet, this fully automatic system has the advantage of being hands-free. Operating on just three AA batteries, the system can run continuously for more than three and a half hours.

Being hands-free, it's important to also note that the helmet is relatively light weight. The helmet, including the integrated I/R system, the mini CRT viewing monocle and power supply, weighs less than five pounds in a Level II or III. The system can detect activity up to 1,000 feet away, takes only five seconds to start-up, is water-resistant and easily used with goggles.

"We are excited to take a revolutionary technology and apply it to our industry," commented Herman. "Just because an officer or soldier needs to use a thermal imaging device doesn't mean he or she should have to sacrifice the protection of their bullet resistant helmet."

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