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New ATV Mud And Dirt Hook Tires For All Terrain Conditions

Firestone Agricultural Tire Division, in a joint development with Bridgestone Japan, is introducing five new styles of ATV tires to meet the incredible demand for All-Terrain-Vehicle tires in the United States. These new ATV tires will be introduced and on display at the Farm Progress Show in Amana, Iowa, September 28-30, 1999.

ATV's are quickly becoming necessary equipment in agricultural, manufacturing and construction industries. The Firestone Agricultural Tire Division/Bridgestone ATV Dirt Hook (DH14 and DH15) tires are featured as original equipment on selected new ATV's produced by Honda. These high-performance, tubeless tires deliver the traction needed in all terrain conditions.

Tread patterns are specifically designed to deliver the best performance in the dirt or in the mud. ATV tires are made from a special Cut Resistant Compound, developed for use in Firestone's rugged forestry tires, that improves wear while resisting punctures and cuts. Strong CRC sidewalls give a more durable and cut resistant sidewall.

The uni-directional design of the Front Dirt Hooks was created for 4-wheel drive front use. They can also be used as 2 wheel drive fronts. The open tread pattern is made for maximum performance in off-road conditions. This gives the customer a smoother ride, better traction and better slide feel. The Dirt Hook (DH04) is designed for 2 wheel drive rear and 4-wheel drive front and rear. The open tread pattern is made for optimum performance in the dirt. Its' uniquely angled long bar tread makes this tire the ultimate choice for pure traction and a smoother ride. Leading and trailing block elements in the tread shoulder design give a satisfying side grip and slide feel.

The front Mud Hook tire was made for stable, smooth cornering. Created for 2 wheel drive fronts, the "Caramel Block" tread pattern curves in the center. This design provides great uni-directional advantages and extra stability. The open tread pattern performs in mud and other demanding conditions. Two dimples arranged in each tread block add extra ride flexibility.

Firestone Agricultural Tire Division, Des Moines, Iowa, manufactures a full line of agricultural and forestry tires. Firestone offers sales and service through a nationwide dealer organization.

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