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Head off heat with Jet-Hot Ceramic Coatings

High Lifter Products recently became a dealer for Jet-Hot Ceramic Coating. Jet-Hot, which has been used in such fields as Aerospace and World Class Racing, is the industry leader and unmatched in this market.

Jet-Hot Ceramic Coating lasts 14 times longer than chrome and 140 times longer than high temperature paint. When it comes to preventing rust while reducing radiated heat, it has no equal. Related heat problems are also reduced due to more heat being retained in the exhaust flow and discharged instead of radiating to the cylinder head, gas tank, and radiator. Due to cooler engine compartments and denser fuel mixtures, performance gains up to 3% have been reported.

In many instances, high heat and high stress (vibration) can cause microscopic cracking and premature failure. Jet-Hot helps to increase the endurance limit of parts subjected to this unneeded wear and tear. Lastly, the coating looks killer! Rusty exhausts come back with a brilliant finish much like chrome, but with the properties of ceramic coating.

Jet-Hot is recommended for ATVs that generate high heat in the engine compartment and/or ATV owners that want all the performance that can be inexpensively obtained, and an exhaust pipe that looks like chrome. It comes with a lifetime warranty against rust-through on new components and a three-year guarantee of satisfaction (for one recoat) on used pipes.

High Lifter Products is pleased to become a new dealer for Jet-Hot Ceramic Coating and is hopeful our many wonderful customers will see all of Jet-Hotís benefits as well.

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