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Make your quad roar with Monster Power

A Monster Power High Performance Kit from High Lifter Products, Inc., will allow you to go just about anywhere. This new bolt-on kit is designed to recover the power lost when oversized tires are mounted on your ATV. Although developed for use with our Monster Kits, ATVs with stock tires will also experience a very noticeable increase in throttle response and pulling power, particularly in severe off-road conditions.

Manufacturers of the individual components of this package have reported power increases ranging from 10 to 30 percent attributable to their individual components. High Lifter’s experience with the system as a whole is that the ATV equipped with this kit is dramatically stronger, particularly in second and third gears. Fuel consumption is not significantly increased and engine operating temperatures are essentially unchanged. We have not compared top speed of ATVs with this kit as speed is not the objective of this system.

In the past, quality high-performance accessories have been available only for sport ATVs or those willing to invest large sums on internal engine modifications. With the introduction of this kit, High Lifter has now assembled the products of the leading manufacturers of high performance ATV accessories and is making the complete performance package available to owners of utility ATVs. These include such premier producers as SuperTrapp, K&N Filters, Dynojet, Outerwear, and NGK.

As performance enthusiasts will attest, higher horsepower is dependent upon passing an increased volume of fuel-enriched air through the engine, combusting it efficiently, and exhausting it with the optimum flow and back pressure. That is the function of this kit. It includes a SuperTrapp “Quiet Series” High Performance Exhaust System, a Dynojet Jet Kit, a K&N Highflow Air Filter, a water resistant Outerwear Pre-Filter, an NGK Racing Spark Plug, and a supplemental breather hose for certain models.

The ATV exhaust will be slightly louder but is tunable to decrease sound levels if desired. If you appreciate the sound of throaty dual exhausts on a sweet running V-8, you will like the sound of this system. If you wish to quiet your ATV during hunting season, this can easily be done by removing several disks from the muffler.

Installation of this performance system is a bolt-on operation requiring only normal hand tools and modest mechanical ability. If you are not intimidated by such jobs as changing jets in your carburetor or bolting on a new muffler, you can install this kit in an afternoon. If you need help, your local ATV dealer will be glad to assist for a nominal charge.

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