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Big Dog Motorcyles shows company strength by issuing a voluntary recall

Big Dog Motorcycles, the leading designer and manufacturer of high performance, highly-styled heavyweight cruisers, has announced a voluntary recall of certain Chopper model motorcycles, the manufacturer’s top-selling bike. Affected bikes include those built in the 2003 and 2004 model year.

The Chopper, first introduced in 2003, cruised into the market with a radical rake, stretched fuel tank, a super fat 250 tire on the back, and a sweeping fender on the front. “It was reminiscent of bikes seen in America’s past and is certainly proving to be a big part of the motorcycling future,” stated Nick Messer, president, Big Dog Motorcycles. “Our Chopper sales shattered our 2003 forecast and initial 2004 sales are looking extremely promising,” he continued.

Big Dog Motorcycles is now making more chopper-style motorcycles than any other manufacturer.

“While their inherent style is what makes Big Dog bikes distinct, we also pride ourselves on our motorcycle safety and quality. And that is precisely why we initiated this recall. It doesn’t matter how good a bike looks or performs if it’s not right,” said Messer. “We just regret it affects so many bikes.”

Approximately 1,000 Choppers will be shipped from all over the country to Big Dog Motorcycles’ headquarters in Wichita, Kansas. In addition to implementing necessary repair, the factory will also perform other factory upgrades and a 500-mile service check-up free of charge. Every Chopper rider should be back on the streets in time for the riding season.

“Obviously, a recall of this magnitude would negatively affect any custom cruiser manufacturer. We’re fortunate to have the stability and financial strength to execute this recall with little disruption in our production or shipments. We simply look at it as a speed bump on our path to growth. Not a roadblock,” Messer continued.

The voluntary recall has already been communicated to Big Dog Motorcycles’ 85 dealers and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. An official recall notice will be sent to affected Chopper owners by mid-January 2004. Choppers made today, as well as the company’s new Ridgeback, a rigid chopper-style motorcycle, are not included in the recall.

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