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The Discover Today’s Motorcycling effort to cultivate relationships with celebrities who share the motorcycling passion has successfully generated an increasing number of media placements capturing the celebrity enthusiasm. The DTM celebrity development program has grown to include a roster of 19 celebrities – actors and recording artists – who communicate their enthusiasm for motorcycling with their respective fan bases in a wide range of media.

Whether it’s Matt LeBlanc of NBC’s “Friends”, who repeatedly mentioned his love of motorcycling on four separate appearances on the “Tonight Show”, or Mark-Paul Gosselaar featured riding his motorcycle to and from work as part of a promotion for the TV series “NYPD Blue”, these DTM celebrities are fueling an intensified interest in riding motorcycles.

All of DTM’s celebrities have taken Motorcycle Safety Foundation RiderCourses and are quick to promote responsible riding. Don’t be surprised if you see them at popular ride sites or even at industry dealer meetings.

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