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London Conference to counter a “Global Epidemic” of road traffic deaths

A unique high level meeting in London on Tuesday 11th February will plan action to reduce the dramatic rise in road traffic casualties, which now kill more than a million people each year, and are forecast to become a global epidemic over the next twenty years. Attending the London Conference will be government ministers, UN agencies, international organisations and road safety groups.

Speakers at the conference include Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland, the Director General of the World Health Organisation; Dr Abdhulah M. Omar, the Transport Minister of South Africa; HE Fuad Mubarak Al-Hinai, the Ambassador to the UN of Oman, and the President of the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile, Mr Max Mosley. Also speaking will be senior officials from the World Bank, the OECD, and the European Commission.

The FIA Foundation, a leading international road safety charity based in the UK, is calling for the United Nations and the international community to substantially increase efforts to prevent a rising tide of avoidable road traffic deaths and injuries. In a paper to be published at the conference the Foundation will argue that:

Road safety is almost completely ignored as a priority issue of the international community. For example, the Johannesburg Summit on Sustainable Development World last September failed to mention road traffic safety even once. The predicted rise in road traffic deaths and injuries is avoidable. Seat belts, child car seats, motorcycle helmets, designated drivers, traffic calming, etc. have all proved effective countermeasures. With international action to promote similar prevention strategies much higher levels of road safety can be achieved.

The United Nations should adopt a comprehensive strategy to promote best practice in road safety management, building on the successful experience of industrialised countries that have substantially reduced road traffic injuries, like the UK, which can act as centres of excellence to aid and advise developing nations.

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