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The California Superbike School and Edelweiss Bike Travel have linked up in an inter-company program to improve the quality of life on Earth for motorcyclists. The two firm's cooperation follows the realization that both began in 1980, both are number one in their fields worldwide and both Werner Wachter and Keith Code are dedicated to the improvement of the riding experience.

There is the passion connected to it as well. And passion is the main reason for the collaboration. Both see themselves in the roll of perfecting the art in their areas of motorcycle riding: Edelweiss with touring and California Superbike School for cornering technique and skills.

Cornering is one of the inevitable results from the beautifully orchestrated tours Edelweiss runs all over the world. Scenic areas like the Alps, Tuscany, Portugal and Andalucia in Spain, to name a few, don't have freeways. Keith comments, "On the road or the track, a corner is a corner and riders need their cornering skills to fully enjoy the experience, especially on unfamiliar roads in foreign countries. We'll be providing tour participants with those skills through our track training."

"It looks like we do something totally different but there are really quite a few similarities to our passions," noted Wachter. "We don't sell parts, we provide experiences. The schools bring up the skills of riding while our tours provide the ideal riding routes to employ them. Both lead to satisfaction for any rider."

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