Motorcycle Helmet Communication

ST's chipset was the only one able to meet the requirement for the multi-function helmet radio communication

STMicroelectronics today announced that the company's Bluetooth chipset has been chosen by LensLogica for an innovative motorcycle helmet solution that allows handsfree wireless calls with any Bluetooth enabled mobile phone and easy communication between two helmets that are within the Bluetooth transmission range of a few meters, enhancing safety and comfort.

Thanks to the powerful capabilities of the STLC2410 Bluetooth Baseband chip allowing telephone and intercommunication functions to be combined easily, so that a conversation between two helmets can be automatically interrupted to answer an incoming call and then resume at the end. In addition, the superior noise immunity of the STLC2150 Bluetooth Radio chip allows the LensLogica helmet solution to reject interfering radio signals, improving audio quality. ST's chipset was the only one evaluated by LensLogica to meet their stringent noise- immunity requirements.

The helmet application has been designed by LensLogica with a dedicated user-friendly interface to offer comfortable access to intercom and GSM functions. In particular, attention has been paid during design to power consumption to achieve a full-day operating device and extremely low consumption of less than 5uA, in standby.

"We are proud to have enabled LensLogica's innovative and technically challenging product design," states Giacomo Piccini, Vice President Network Division for STMicroelectronics. "Our Bluetooth product portfolio and experience allowed LensLogica to move fast to offer an appealing product to a market with growing interest for wireless communication capability."

"STMicroelectronics is a key developer of technologies for the mobile, PC and automotive and audio marketplace. Its wireless expertise, its know-how in automotive and its manufacturing capabilities have provided us with the means to bring our helmet solution to the market in a timely, cost-effective manner. The Bluetooth Helmet application is the first step in the deep integration of wireless and IT technologies on the motorcycle market. In the future, LensLogica will offer new features and enhancements to increase security and to achieve better interaction between driver and motorcycle," said Dr. Andrea Colognese from LensLogica.

A leading supplier of wireless components, ST offers a range of Bluetooth devices for multiple applications. ST's Bluetooth division has the goal of providing small footprint solutions that are low cost, flexible, and are easily integrated, thereby speeding time-to-market.

The ST Bluetooth product portfolio ensures full interoperability, through active involvement in the Bluetooth SIG, participation in un-plug fests and by using the proven track record of the embedded Ericsson Core IP. ST provides customers with complete consulting expertise in Bluetooth Core and RF technology, protocol software, and advanced solutions. As a key manufacturer in the wireless market, ST has the ability to provide any integration service needed for current product portfolios and future endeavors.

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