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Topaz3's TruTalk accessory line multiplies

Topaz3 announces an expansion of the TruTalk accessory line - adding a variety of new cases and radio covers, headsets, speaker microphones and chargers for the TruTalk TK14 FRS 2-way radio, current Maxon GMRS, Dot and CB models, and future TruTalk FRS / GMRS / MURS radios.

Carrying cases are one of the most popular accessories offered today and the TruTalk lineup offers three new choices: a heavy duty nylon web case with hook-and-loop belt fastener, a waterproof case with carrying strap, and a protective Neoprene stretch cover with vinyl display window.

Headset offerings include a new ultra-lite model with an in-line push-to-talk button, voice operated boom microphone with ear speaker, and two helmet headsets - one version with an external boom microphone for standard open-face helmets and a second with an internal-mount button microphone for use with full-face style helmets.

TruTalk's speaker microphone accessories include a lapel speaker microphone and a discreet earbud speaker microphone with in-line push-to-talk.

The newest desktop charger offers dual charging wells for TruTalk TK14 radios. Spare NiMH battery packs for the TK14 are also available.

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