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Italian Helmet Manufacturer opens new U.S Subsidiary

Boeri SRL of Milan Italy has announced the formation of a new U.S. subsidiary; Boeri USA. Boeri SRL, the dominant market leader in the world-wide wintersport helmet category will set up headquarters in Cambridge, NY to sell its fine line of Italian crafted helmets direct to U.S. retailers.

For the past 15 years Boeri helmets have been distributed in the U.S. by MPH Associates in Norwood, MA. MPH and its president, Marc Hauser, have been widely credited with establishing the wintersport helmet category in the U.S. and creating consumer awareness through grass-roots promotions and award-winning ad campaigns. Boeri has become the most recognized brand in an increasingly crowded ski helmet category.

Unfortunately, unfavorable foreign exchange rates combined with increasing competitive presence from Asian produced brands have rendered this manufacturer-to-distributor equation antiquated. By eliminating the middle man and selling direct to U.S. retailers Boeri will be able to offer much more competitive pricing and longer margins while continuing to produce the finely crafted and richly painted helmets the U.S. consumers have embraced for years.

In a move to ensure a seamless transition from the former distributor, Boeri Italy has appointed Jeff Ravreby as President of the new Boeri USA. Ravreby has served the last six years as Vice President of Sales for MPH and has over 20 years experience in the ski industry. He will set up operations in Upstate NY and utilize an independent logistics firm to handle fulfillment and distribution of 2004 preseason orders from a soon-to-be determined location.

All re-order and warrantee repair will be facilitated out of the Cambridge, NY warehouse. Ravreby plans to keep the independent sales force intact. "While I am excited by the prospects of more competitive pricing and longer margins to our dealers, I wish that circumstances hadn't necessitated the separation from MPH." said Ravreby. "Marc Hauser and MPH have done a great job building this brand and I plan to carry on where we left off."

In keeping with the atmosphere of change and improvement, Boeri will unveil six new models at the upcoming SIA show in Las Vegas. Look forward to many more great things from the brand that started it all.

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