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ATV Drag Racing Association to offer new professional class

Today the ATV Drag Racing Association announced it's plans to offer a new professional class for it's ATV drag racers. This class will be called the Pro Mod Quad class and it should make for some interesting all heads up racing action. Randy Edley, President of the ATVDRA in his announcement of this class said "We believe it is time for the professionalism of our racers and their quads to be shown on a national level. This class allows all of the engineering and technology in these machines to shine through."

This class will be available to be run on all surfaces that the ATVDRA currently sanctions events on. Dirt/Sand races will be held at the standard 300ft distance, while asphalt surfaces will remain 1/8 mile only.

The ATVDRA also announced a license process for this class, the first ATV only organization to require it's riders to be licensed on their machines. You must complete this license process before you will be allowed to compete in this class.

These are the tentative rules released for the class today:

  • Max 90" wheelbase
  • Must run complete stock style plastic
  • Must be a quad
  • 450lbs min. weight 551cc up / 400lbs min. weight 550cc and less (min. weight figured on quad + rider).
  • 551cc up allowed one power adder. (NOS, Turbo, etc)
  • 550cc and less allowed two power adders. (NOS, Turbo, etc)
  • No automotive style engines
  • Chain Guards - Mandatory on all bikes. Chain or belt guards are to cover the width and at least the top run to the centerline of the sprocket of any chain/belts. The clutch assembly must have at least half of the side surface covered. The guards should be steel or 1/8-inch aluminum unless otherwise stock equipped and must be firmly mounted. Rear fender and seats are not chain guards.
  • Handling Problems - Any ATV deemed to have questionable handling characteristics may be required, before further competition, to make a solo pass during qualifying to demonstrate motorcycle and rider stability. Terms and conditions of pass will be determined on an individual basis. If a rider crosses the centerline or outer boundary line for a second time in qualifying, the rider will be disqualified from that event.
  • Lights - All entries must have a functional taillight attached to ATV during night operation.
  • Wheelie Bar -All ATV's competing in the Pro Mod Quad Class MUST have a workable wheelie bar.

Rider Safety Gear

  • Helmet -Full-face helmets meeting SNELL 90, 95 or 2000 specs are mandatory. The SNELL label must be inside the helmet and not tampered with. A SNELL decal on the outside of the helmet is not acceptable. BSI & ACU specs are accepted. BSI & ACU decals must be affixed to the back of the helmet. Streamlining attached to the rider or to his helmet is prohibited. Long hair must be braided or tucked into helmet or into leathers. Due to differences in design, it is recommended that helmets made for car racing not be used. The reason for this is some car helmets have a more square profile and could have a tendency to twist one’s neck in the case of a fall.
  • Protective Clothing -Any participants are required to have full leathers. The use of synthetic material riding suits is prohibited. The use of stretchable Kevlar and perforated materials in non-critical areas are permissible. Suits may be one-piece design or joined together with a “full circumference” zipper at the waist. *Critical area (knees, elbows, forearms, shoulders) armor or 2-layers of leather is highly recommended and is mandatory in new construction. A spine protector is mandatory bikes. Riders of motorcycles burning pure methanol are recommended to wear Nomex underclothing due to invisible flames. Gloves must be roadrace type with additional Kevlar or similar palm patch or buttons, minimum 3-inch gauntlet cuff with wrist closure. Metal wrist band watches are prohibited. Leathers, gloves or boots with excessive wear or holes are prohibited.
  • Tires - Front tires on asphalt surface must be of a street tire type design. Rear tires on asphalt surface must be of an approved slick or grooved tire. Front Buffs allowed only on dirt/sand surface.

*Rules are subject to be modified as necessary to insure the class remains competitive and safe. Additional chassis and engine rules available from the ATVDRA offices.

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