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Patent Issued for the LEAD-DOG Helmet Light

After 3 years and 8 months, the Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued Helmetlight, Inc. a patent for the original design of their removable helmet mounted spot light, taillight, and brake light known as the LEAD-DOG Helmet Light.

"This is the final step in developing our product", said Bill Fischer, Helmetlight Inc. president. CEO Steve Karcz added "securing the patent means that our product is unique and fills a needed niche that increases safety for people recreating or working in the outdoors".

Helmetlight, Inc., based in Anchorage, Alaska, began designing and developing the much needed auxiliary helmet light to increase visibility for snowmobile riding due to the long dark winters of the last frontier. With only 5 hours of daylight on the shortest day of the year, feats such as breaking trail and locating reflective markers became so much easier as now illumination is obtained WHERE the rider is looking, not just where the machine is pointing. And as with newer motor vehicles, the taillight and brake light up on the helmet is a huge improvement in being seen by riders following from the rear.

As a sponsor of the Tesoro Iron Dog Snowmobile Race, the Light has become a favorite among competitors in the grueling 2,000 mile race across Alaska that tests the limits of equipment and their riders.

Seven-time Iron Dog winner John Faeo sings praises of the Helmet Light. "Your Helmetlight works like a champ at night in Alaska. The position of this Lead Dog helmet light provides that extra lighting that snowmobilers need to be safest when riding in the extreme Alaskan conditions at night."

At only 8 ounces, the advantage of the LEAD-DOG Helmet Light is gained from it's easily removable and proven VELCRO mounting system, and can be stored in a jacket pocket when not in use. Installation is accomplished in short order to any four-wheeler, motorcycle, or snowmobile and can also be used with any 12 volt battery if no existing lighting is available on the vehicle.

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