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Action Sports Cams is marketing a unique line of high-tech miniature color cameras

With the Systems totally hands-free operation capability and incredibly compact design, what you see is what you get. The color mini-cam weighs just 1.2 ounces and measures only 1"x 1". From outdoor sporting events of all types to professional documentation, personal gatherings and parties, the Action Sports Cams video systems, lets you capture all the action for fun, study or technical evaluation.

Virtually anyone participating in any sporting activity, production companies, law enforcement agencies, etc., can now catch all the action in real time unhindered by bulky hardware and awkward video gear.

The Systems easily mount to helmets of all kinds, goggles, hats, in-car etc. and catch all details in living color w/audio. Simple and easy to use the new System connects to your camcorder with a single Easy Clip Wire. Carry your mini camcorder in a fanny pack, back pack or mounted securely to any vehicle, and you have a totally hands-free environment for high-quality videotaping.

There’s even a new LANC Remote Control that allows you to operate the recording device with complete control of - stop/start, pause/record and power on/off.

These same Systems are also currently being used Fox Sports Channel, SPEED Channel, The Outdoor Channel, History Channel, Major Sports Magazine, various Law Enforcement and Fire Departments, US Marines Corp, The BLM, US Forest Service, US Ski Patrol, US Olympic Sky Diving Team and many other major sport gear manufactures.

This equipment can simply be described as the finest, most reliable and user-friendly Systems in its class, yet costing a fraction of many super-high-end systems costing thousands of dollars. Action Sports Cams Systems are now available starting at $495.00. Offered as a complete video kit, each System includes a high-resolution color mini-cam with audio and single Easy Clip Wire, custom battery pack and charger, Action Sports Cams Firewire with coupler, audio defeat wire, all necessary mounting hardware and carrying case—everything you’ll need to connect to your recording device.

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