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MAG Ireland calls for VAT reduction on motorcycle helmets

MAG Ireland, the association representing Ireland's moped, scooter andmotorcycle riders, is calling for a reduction in the VAT charged onmotorcycle helmets and other safety equipment.Improving motorcycle safety is one of MAG Ireland's major concerns and theimposition of the standard rate of VAT on a compulsory safety item such asmotorcycle helmets does nothing to encourage riders to buy the best equipment available.

"The imposition of VAT at the standard rate of 21% can add anything from 25 to 200 to the price of a new helmet." said MAG Ireland's CampaignsOfficer, Karen Kiely. "A reduction in VAT on helmets and other important safety equipment such as gloves and boots could mean the difference betweena young rider choosing to buy a new helmet conforming to the highest modernCE types or using secondhand equipment whose protective qualities could becompromised by age or wear and tear.

Motorcycle gloves can cost anything from 30 to 200 and reducing VAT on these and other items such as boots may give an incentive to riders to buy these items and avoid the serious abrasion injuries which can often result from even minor accidents at slow speeds."We have asked the Minister for Finance to consider a reduction in the rate of VAT applied to helmets and other protective clothing, only to be told that these things are in the hands of the E.U.. We now call upon the Minister to support our recent submission to the European Commission who are currently reviewing the VAT system throughout the Single Market.

The majority of the M.E.P.'s we contacted on this issue were happy to give us their full support on this important safety issue and we look forward to receiving the same level of support from our National government.

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