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PULNiX America, Inc. announces the release of the new 5LC

PULNiX America, Inc. announces the release of the new TM-5LC 1/4" interline transfer CD camera. The ultra-miniature cylindrical CCD camera is self-contained and does not require a separate controller module, thus eliminating the need for two piece head cameras.

It has a low light sensitivity of 0.5 lux, an automatic electronic shutter for a wide dynamic range, is available with a variety of lens options such as Tamron lenses or CS mount lenses, and includes all of these features in a package the size of a lipstick.

The small, rugged design of the TM-5LC (17mm diameter and 81mm in length) provides a low-cost replacement for remote-head cameras used in applications such as covert operation, robot vision, helmet cameras, pipe inspection, underwater cameras, microscopy, positioning, and military applications.

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