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New World Speed Record set by 50cc Motorcycle

Spider Grips announces a new World Speed Record in Production 50cc Motorcycles, set October 16, 2003 at the World Speed Finals at Bonneville Salt Flats. The standing record was 73.419 MPH, and was set in 1995. The new World Record is 75.245 MPH and was set on a 2002 Aprilia RS 50 and is the result of partnership between Spider Grips and Dumonde Tech Racing Oils.

In describing the achievement, Paul Livingston, Director of Spider Grips, and rider of the record setting bike stated; “Beating the record by almost 2 MPH is a big accomplishment for our tuner, Dumonde Tech Racing, since this speed record stood for 8 years without any other teams qualifying against it.”

Rules for Land Speed Racing at Booneville Salt Flats require a qualifying run which breaks an existing record to be backed up with a return run the next day. Only if the average speed of the two runs beats the existing record is a new World Speed Record set. The Spider Grips/Dumonde Tech team broke the 73.419 record in August at the Bonneville Speed Week but did not back it up. However, at the World Speed Finals in October, the team broke the existing record more than seven times, with a top speed of 75.922 MPH.

Rod Faulkner, President of Dumonde Tech Racing Oils notes “To give you an idea of what an exciting accomplishment this is, our rider is 175 pounds; compare that to the fact that the 1995 existing record, like most 50cc Motorcycle Speed Records, was set by a lightweight 115 pound rider. Given the restrictions of racing in Production Class, and the small engine size of the Aprilia RS 50, we are thrilled with the results.”

Mr. Faulkner also adds “it was through the technical advantages of our data acquisition from Digatron and the use of K&N’s Dyno for repeated testing that we were able to hit the Salt knowing what this engine can do.”

Spider Grips/Dumonde Tech Racing would like to thank Van Butler Racing for introducing them to the sport and the great people of Land Speed Racing. In addition, they would like to give special note to their sponsors: Nicoll Racing and Boyko Products, Aprilia, K&N Filters, Digatron Instruments, Pit Bull Stands, Flow Exhaust, EGT probes, Hyper Pro Dampers, Tifosi Optics , Barnett Clutches, Shoei Helmets, Bridgestone tires.

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