Help your friends "Ride Straight"

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation offers a new program that demonstrates to street and off-highway motorcycle and ATV riders the effects of alcohol on their riding abilities. Whether you're a club leader, rider coach, schoolteacher, or just someone who enjoys the sport of motorcycling and ATVing, you'll find it rewarding to present the curriculum to your peers, your students, or your community.

The most exciting component of the Riding Straight Module is the Fatal Vision Simulator Goggles which simulate the effects of alcohol, allowing participants to experience alcohol impairment with a sober mind...and no hangover. The result for the participant and observers is a clear demonstration of the negative effect alcohol impairment has on the human senses vital to motorcycle riding - vision, balance, and coordination - and shows that even legal levels of intoxication can have serious consequences when riding on two wheels.

The multifaceted module includes a Facilitator's Guide with administrative details, facts, and statistics about alcohol and motorcycling that will help facilitators develop a successful learning activity; a sample News Release and Event Flyer; and an informative and thought-provoking "Riding Straight" video.

"Although I haven't experienced alcohol to that extent for quite some time, the 'beer goggles' do remind me what it's like," reports NOHVCC's Steve Casper after going through the goggle drills at the MSF offices. "It would not be a pretty sight if I were on a bike in that condition! The Ride Straight program really drives the point home about drinking and riding, but at the same time it's fun and interesting to participate in.

And there are lots of opportunities out there for the leaders in our sport to get the word out on this subject by using this program. It can be offered at special events, riding club meetings and rallies and jamborees, anywhere where riders have gathered. The best part is you don't need the formality of a classroom, and getting folks' attention is fairly easy because everyone wants to try the beer goggles."

Currently, MSF is offering an $80 discount on the kit to interested parties who hear about this program through the NOHVCC network. The regular price is $160. To order, please call the MSF's Order Desk at (949) 727-3227, ext. 3023, or visit the MSF Online Store at msf-usa.org.

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