Arai Motorcyle Helmets rank highest in overall customer satisfaction

For the third consecutive year, Arai helmets rank highest in consumer satisfaction with motorcycle helmets, according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2001 Motorcycle Helmet Satisfaction StudySM released today.

The study is based on responses from nearly 9,000 consumers who purchased a new street motorcycle in 2000. Those consumers provided information about their most recent helmet purchase experience and helmet use for several months, offering insight on the shopping experience, process, price and product satisfaction.

Arai demonstrated strong performance across every factor that comprises overall customer satisfaction. Shoei ranked second overall, followed by AGV.

"The old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ certainly holds true for motorcycle helmets," said Stephen Crewdson, researcher for J.D. Power and Associates. "There is a strong correlation between the price paid for the helmet and the consumers’ satisfaction with that product. The brands that garner the highest price tend to exceed customer expectations with regard to the fit and comfort of the helmet. Higher priced helmets also are generally lighter weight, better ventilated and easier to strap on than lower priced models."

Comfort and fit are the primary reasons consumers purchase a particular brand of helmet, but style and color are also important factors. Sport bike riders tend to be younger and prefer stylish, full-face helmets. Cruiser bike riders tend chose their helmet based on comfort, and tend to select half-face helmets. Cruiser bike riders tend to choose their helmets based on comfort and tend to select half-face helmets.

"In general, manufacturers in the motorcycle helmet market are doing an excellent job of building customer loyalty," Crewdson said. "An astounding 89 percent of helmet owners indicate they plan to purchase another helmet from the same manufacturer in the future. Only 3 percent definitely plan not to purchase the same make of helmet in the future."

Motorcycle dealerships continue to be the most popular place to purchase a motorcycle helmet. Nonetheless, Internet shopping is growing--from 2 percent of all helmet purchases in 1999 to 5 percent in 2000. Consumers who purchased a new helmet via the Internet tend to buy new helmets more often that those who purchase helmets at retail outlets. One obvious problem with purchasing a helmet on the Internet is the fact that consumers can’t test the fit before they buy.

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