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AFX Helmet Featured In Feature Film

In November of 2001, AFX North America Inc. announced a partnership with Los Angeles-based Premier Entertainment Services to promote the AFX brand and lineup of motorcycle, snowmobile and ATV helmets in a series of product placements in motion pictures and popular television shows - many of which have begun airing.

Released in July, the 20th Century Fox film "Like Mike" stars young rap star Lil' Bow Wow as an orphan who's life is transformed upon discovering basketball shoes that through some magical properties, allow him to play like Michael Jordan (before his knee troubles). After two weeks of wide-release, the film has grossed over $33 million and still remains strongly among the top ten films at the box office.

A pair of silver FX-6R youth off-road helmets are featured in a brief scene in Lil' Bow Wow's bedroom at the orphanage. The film's script originally called for a scene where Lil' Bow Wow and several of his friends would wear the helmet while riding around their neighborhood in pursuit of some "bad guy", but this was cut due to time constraints.

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