First Big Dog Motorcycles' Branded Dealership opens in Houston

Big Dog Motorcycles, the leading designer and manufacturer of high performance, highly-styled heavyweight cruisers, is pleased to announce the name change of one of its top dealers. Easyriders of Houston has officially changed its name to Big Dog Motorcycles’ of Houston, making it the first Big Dog branded dealership.

Owners Bert and Debbie Williams and Lee Hayes said the name change was implemented to better highlight the dealership’s strength and be more descriptive of its business. “We have established ourselves as a top dealer for Big Dog Motorcycles, a company that has taken quantum leaps past other custom manufacturers. They lead the pack in production, performance, quality, reliability, and warranty programs and we have had great success selling their bikes. It is important our name reflects that, ”said Bert Williams.

Lee Hayes said, “It made good sense to align our business with a company that has the same business philosophies as we do: Provide high quality bikes and great customer service.”

“The only thing that has changed is our sign. We are still the same dealership with same team, but with a new focus,” added Williams.

Nick Messer, president, Big Dog Motorcycles stated, “Ever since 1997, the first year they started selling our bikes, we have seen continuously growing sales, first rate customer service, and a facility that invites all types of motorcycle enthusiasts. We are excited with their decision to change and the fact that Bert, Debbie, and Lee have the flagship store.”

In addition to representing the dealership’s direction, the name change also illustrates Big Dog Motorcycles’ strategy in brand awareness and development. “While we promote our brand and bikes at rallies, dealer open houses, and through advertising and PR, a consumer seeing Big Dog Motorcycles’ as the primary name of their local dealership adds additional credibility and awareness,” Messer said.

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