The Great New York Motorcycle Show

This exhibition documents New York State's contributions to the development of the motorcycle, and is perfect for those of you who were born to be wild.

Working from a broad industrial base, New Yorkers pioneered in the invention and early manufacture of motorized two-wheelers, which were briefly thought to be the future of American transportation.

Although motorcycles ultimately did not become the common means of personal transportation, being overtaken in popularity by the automobile, New York's motorcycle inventors and builders have continued over the years to produce a rich variety of motorcycles for utilitarian use, pleasure riding and competition.

The Great New York Motorcycle Show includes them all, from the first motorized bicycles of the 1890s through the 77 cubic-inch Emblem touring machines of the 1910s and the dual purpose (on-off road) Yankees of the 1970s to the exotic custom cruisers of today. All these motorcycles have been lent to the Museum from the collections of other museums and private owners around the country.

The Museum is grateful for their generosity, which has made the exhibition possible, and for the invaluable donated assistance of Arnoff Moving and Storage in transporting the motorcycles to the New York State museum from locations all around the United States and Canada.

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